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Payment Options
Our aim is to make dentistry more accessible and affordable for you and your family.
Our front desk team advising a female patient on the different ways to pay
Payment Methods

We explain your financing options and payment methods before any procedure. Our practice accepts:

  • Cash

  • Credit & Debit Cards

  • Check

  • Financing Options

Our front desk team member handing a form through the narrow window at our reception
Financing Options

Our team is committed to giving you the care you need without financial barriers getting in the way. Therefore, we offer a few different options to help make dentistry more cost-effective and available:

  • 12 Months In-House Financing

  • 10% Discount on Prepaid Dental Work

Our front desk team member handing a form through the narrow window at our reception
Our team member smiling as she hands some forms to a male patient
Membership Plan

Through the Membership Plan, you are able to pay annually for your dental visits and treatments. The plan is for patients only and eliminates the hassle of dental insurance. Learn more about our yearly membership plan by speaking to our team.

Call our office to enroll today!

Insurance Solutions
Helping you whether you are insured or not.
Our Front Desk team member who helps with insurance questions

We want to make the ease of dealing with insurance seamless for you. This is why we will call your insurance to find out your exact coverage, file the claim to your insurance company, and explain the benefits so you are well informed. By doing this for you, you only pay the copay, which is the difference between the total cost and what we estimate insurance will cover.

We give your insurance thirty days to pay in full, and we follow up with them to ensure we have done everything so you are not left with the full bill. If however, insurance fails to pay in thirty days, the balance due becomes your responsibility, and we give you fifteen days to pay it or work out a plan with us as described above. And if your insurance pays more than we estimated they needed to, that goes straight to you in the form of a credit balance refund.

Please get in touch should you have any questions.

Our Front Desk team member who helps with insurance questions

‘‘Dr. Tatyana is the best dentist! She is super thorough and makes you feel very comfortable. Her staff is really friendly and are great about reminder calls."

Caitlin S. (Actual Patient)

What to Expect During Your Visit

To alleviate fear of the unknown, here is a sneak preview of what happens during your first visit with Dr. Haddock.

Dr. Haddock standing and speaking to a female patient while she sits in the dentist chair
Meet Your Austin Dentist

When you arrive, Dr. Haddock introduces herself and starts by asking you, “What can we do for you?”. You’ll then enjoy a ten to fifteen-minute discussion before your new patient exam.

Dr. Haddock wearing her dentist jacket and goggles and examining the mouth of a male patient
Your First Exam

Before starting anything, we always ask for permission. Once granted, we’ll take some x-rays, professional photos, and examine your teeth and gums. Dr. Haddock always emphasizes prevention and maintenance through top hygiene tips.

Dr. Tatyana and a male patient looking at the computer screen while our Austin dentist leans in and explains the situation

During your exam, Dr. Haddock uses intraoral cameras and photography to show you what we see. We want you to be involved with your treatment and fully understand any issues that need addressing.

Young female patient looking in the mirror at the work Dr. Haddock has advised
The Final Say

Our aim is to address your primary concern, explain each procedure, and give our recommendations based on your goals. However, you will always get the final say before we move forward with any treatment plan.

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