Recently, while going through some old files and cabinets in the office we came across a brochure from the American Dental Association that was printed in 1986. We all had a little giggle over the brochure itself, but the information is still relevant. I thought I would take a moment to share it with you.

Due to the italicized print, it is hard to read off a scanned copy. Here is what the brochure says:

“When you visit our office, you’ll see that we’re wearing gloves and masks during treatment procedures. That’s because we want to protect you from contact with bacteria and viruses. In so doing, we’re supporting the infection control guidelines established by the American Dental Association.

The rigorous safety precautions we practice are designed to protect you from such infections as hepatitis, herpes, tuberculosis, AIDS, and respiratory viruses such as the common cold. For this reason, we scrub our hands before and after each treatment and use disposable materials to reduce the possibility of transmitting bacteria or viruses. We scrub, sterilize or disinfect every dental instrument after every patient visit. We wipe dental chairs and lead aprons after each use.

Disposable covers protect instrument trays and other surfaces. Special equipment such as ultrasonic cleaners and dry heat sterilizing ovens are used routinely for cleaning and sterilizing dental instruments. We even perform regular tests to verify that sterilizations procedures are working correctly.

These hygienic measures are nothing new. They’ve been practiced in our office for a long time. The masks, gloves, and, in some cases, protective eyewear you notice us wearing provide additional safeguards. Safety lenses are often worn by members of our dental team who don’t normally wear eyeglasses or contact lenses.

These measures minimize the risk of cross-infection from dentist to patient, patient to dentist, or patient to patient.

In some procedures, the dentist may wear only one glove. Others, such as oral examinations where contact with saliva doesn’t occur, may require no gloves at all. The main thing we want you to know is that we’ll never take a chance with out patients’ health.

So, when you come into this office, you can be assured that your overall health and well-being are our major concern.” 

There are a few things that are different today, such as gloves are worn on both hands at all times when working with a patient as well as some form of protective eye wear.

I hope that you found this information interesting and maybe even educational. Keeping our patients and ourselves healthy by keeping to the ADA standard for infection control is our top priority.

-Rachel G.

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