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We make dentistry more accessible and enjoyable so you can smile more.

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Feel Comfortable

Imagine a dental visit designed around your individual needs! A visit where you can enjoy world-class dentistry in spa-like surroundings complimented by warm towels and calming music. Well, that is exactly what we offer at! Our team has created a calming environment where dental fear is a thing of the past, and you can feel relaxed while we care for your teeth.

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Fix Your Problem

Our dentist in Austin doesn’t just jump and tell you what you need. Rather, she begins by listening to your primary concern, gets to know you as a person, and guides you to the ideal solution. We encourage all patients to ask questions and share their goals so we can provide the best possible dental care.

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Choose Your Options

From the moment you contact you are presented with choices. Whether it is our array of quality services or range of financing options, we have you covered. As a member of our dental family, you are provided expert advice as we strive to meet your goals.

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Meet Dr. Tatyana Haddock
Guiding you to a beautiful smile in Austin, TX.

Dr. Haddock has always said that she cares for people first and teeth second. She demonstrates this through her gentle human touch and genuine interest in all her patients. Our Austin dentist endeavors to listen-first and to truly understand your personal needs, desires, and concerns. She will then ask questions and offer recommendations based on the information given. This approach has endeared her to the communities of Austin, Round Rock, and Cedar Park, TX.

Our doctor has also committed herself to years of education and advanced training:

  • Certified in Invisalign®

  • Attended the Las Vegas Institute

  • Nitrous Oxide Certified

Dr. Tatyana Haddock combines her broad skillset with a deep compassion for people. Your health is her priority!

‘‘My first experience at Total Care Dental was seriously amazing! Their whole staff, although small, is the most courteous and professional one I've witnessed. There was a cushy blanket draped on the chair, my own personal chapstick that Dr. Tatyana applied to my lips between each procedure, and even a lavender scented towel to wipe my mouth afterwards! I love this office and am so happy to have found an honest and kind dentist so close to me."

Emily W. (Actual Patient)

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You Are the Expert of Your Own Health

Dr. Haddock partners with you for healthier teeth and gums.

It goes without saying that no-one knows how you feel, better than you do. Therefore, our dentist in Austin, TX does everything she can to involve you in the diagnosis and treatment of any dental issue you may face.

Through the use of intraoral cameras and modern technology, Dr. Haddock takes you on a tour of your mouth and shows you what she is seeing. She also takes time to discuss how you feel, your major concerns, and asks you what you hope to achieve. Gathering all this information allows us to clarify your end goal and more accurately care for your teeth and gums.

This fresh approach to dentistry helps ease dental fear and allows us to build mutual trust. You can clearly see we genuinely care about your health.

Patient talking to doctor, while she demonstrates how some equipment works

Top Smile Solutions

Addressing your primary concern is our main goal.

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Are my teeth becoming worn down?

It can be a worry when your partner notices you grinding your teeth at night or when your teeth appear to be shortening. However, Dr. Haddock employs a range of services to firstly prevent grinding and then repair your smile.

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I have a missing tooth.

When a single tooth or multiple teeth are missing, it is vitally important to visit the dentist. We can prevent further complications and restore your smile back to full function and its glorious appearance.

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I'm experiencing jaw pain.

If you wake up with jaw pain or headaches, it could be the sign of a more serious issue known as TMJ disorder. Dr. Haddock can help you diagnose and treat the symptoms causing you discomfort.

Learn more about our dental services in Austin, TX.

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